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 Road Beyond Ruin

I bite my lip with frustration
Lost my finger to cold
My only friend passed at the station
The road beyond ruin’s my home
Don’t be too direct to judge me
My light is distant its true
Move on tramp you’re not wanted
The system is not made for you
But take it from me
The sky is falling
When all’s said and done, we are lonely
Or rather at least we’re alone
All of your fears are just fiction
Aged and weary I’m home
I stand in a line with a photograph
They tell me they know who I am
Cos we’ve crossed the border to never land
This place isn’t going to stand
But take it from me,
The sky is falling
Cause when I am king of the table
I refuse to allow so much grief
We’ll march on the monsters of fables
Take back the loot from chief
And I have no reason to reason
The fault of your truth is not mine
Complications and treason
Follow me all through time
But take it from me
The sky is falling
And its plain to see
We’re not gunna make it to the morning
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