Legendary, Grammy Award Winning Drummer teams up with Lancashire Band, Kind Hearted Thieves to complete their long awaited album. DIY never had it so good!


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Living grunge legend, Dave Abbruzzese (Pearl Jam, Peter Cornell, IMFs, Pseutopia, GRO, and many more….) has recently shared his drumming prowess with an up-and-coming folk band from Lancashire; Kind Hearted Thieves. Their debut album Love & Other Curses is available now on all major digital platforms.

Lead singer/songwriter Jamie Ramsden & Dave met, talked music and discovered quickly that they were kindred spirits. A friendship formed and after Jamie shared some of the music he was working on, Dave said he wanted very much to contribute in any way possible. Soon, he had tracked drums for 3 tracks, mixed 4 of the songs on the album, and introduced his dear friend, guitarist Jeff Nolan (Scott Weiland, Ginger Baker….) to the music and asked if he would like to lend his talents. Completing the enlargement of the circle and bringing all the songs from across time together with sonic cohesion was the exceptionally talented mastering engineer Ludwing Diaz.

David Abbruzzese is a huge name in Grunge music and for a band that promotes themselves as Folk Grunge, this was a major sign of approval.

Dave said, "This music hit me in just the right way. The honesty and the determination of the music made me pay attention, but it was my conversations with Jamie and that the depth of his passion matched his talents... ...and he is the genuine article. I couldn't silence my desire to contribute to the album. I am proud to be a part of this album."

Jamie from KHT said, “We set off to try and make the best album we could, and I don’t think we realized quite how lucky we had been until it was finished!”

The album itself is a collection of mournful, yet hopeful musical stories touching on sensitive subjects such as addiction, illness, and pain. Jamie’s forceful, throat tearing vocals telling truths from personal experience all to the backdrop of music of equal honesty and intent. Laid down perfectly by the other members of this band of 5. It cannot be overstated how beautifully the underpinning music is portrayed, including instruments such as fiddle, banjo, lap steel guitar, piano and percussion. It is music to experience. A journey into universal messages maybe even yourself.

The music and its unique and powerful purpose are served well by the smart lyrics that share stories of love, loss, hope, belief and pain, ...honestly. This album has been a long time in the making. The music is for all of us. Enjoy it.





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